Ron Dekker
+47 55 58 36 43

Ron is chief executive officer, chief scientific officer and legal representative of CESSDA. His main responsibilities are leadership of the organisation and the team, responsibility for relations with members, service providers, external relations and corporate communication.

Chief Operations Officer
Ivana Ilijašić Veršić
+47 55 58 36 54

Ivana's main responsibilities include operational oversight of administration and finances at the CESSDA main office, overall coordination and supervision of external (EU) an internal (work plan tasks) development projects for CESSDA, as well as coordination of CESSDA working groups.

Chief Technical Officer
Hossein Abroshan
+47 55 58 36 52

Hossein manages the technology strategy and implementation, and defines roadmaps for services and service integration between and within the CESSDA Service Providers. His major tasks and duties also include actively participating in the planning, submission and conduct of technical sections in EU-funded projects and any other externally-funded CESSDA projects.

Management Assistant
Nina Bakanova
+47 55 58 36 48

Nina is responsible for all secretarial and administrative duties at CESSDA. Nina's main responsibilities and duties are: being responsible for record management and archives, purchasing, billing and invoices, logistics for events, front desk and telephone.

Senior Communications Officer
Eleanor Smith
+47 55 58 36 47

Eleanor is responsible for researching, planning, establishing, overseeing and managing all communications and public engagement activities for CESSDA. Eleanor's major responsibilities and duties are developing a communication strategy for CESSDA, setting up CESSDA’s communication activities and tools, as well as supporting CESSDA’s Service Providers and representing CESSDA’s policy work.

Senior Project Manager

spm_staff_2 Research and plan Horizon 2020 projects as well as internal Work Plan tasks, in conjunction with the Managing Director and other staff members. His main responsibilities and duties are reviewing plans and scheduling projects and their deliverables, goals and milestones, for both internal and external projects.

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